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Poor (preferably) water in the glass. Before drinking the water, let the

water rest for a moment so the water can absorb the vibrations of the picture. If desired, you can reinforce by reading the affirmation on the glass out loud. The more conscious you are about what you are doing, the better. If desired, repeat the affirmation several times. Drink for a minimum of one month, every day, from the same glass. If there are severe reactions*, decrease the frequency of use..


I recommend to gradually build up the use of the glass. The first day one glass, the second day two glasses, until you notice that the frequency is sufficient. My advise is to not use the glass more than 5 times a day. Ofcourse you can also choose to have one glass a day.


After this you can start over again with another glass (affirmation). Always use the same glass per month / day! Give your body and mind time to adapt!





*reactions: it's possible to have reactions, especially in the beginning. Your body needs time to get used on this new information. These reactions are different for each person. It's a good sign, the changes have started. Heard reactions are: headache, a sore throat, stomach ache, heart flutterings and emotional changes.