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Welcome to my website. Thank you very much for showing interest in

my product. I hope this product and the information behind it will bring you

many good things.


This wonderful idea was brought to me January 2010 and I immediately started to work it out. This resulted in drinking glasses with a special image that works on the power of water.


Water, the most precious "gold" on earth!

Life on earth would not be possible without water. Just like our body, the earth exists out of water for 70%. Water has unique qualities: water is the softest and most flexible of all materials. Yet it is so powerful that it can wear down rocks. In water, the density decreases below zero and increases above zero degrees Celcius. Water is the only substance on earth that can exist in three forms: Gas (vapor), liquid (water) and solid (ice). Water is the most powerful solvent.


After years of research, scientists discovered that water has a memory. Experiments have been done in many countries and show that water receives and is able to memorise all outside influences. It remembers everything that happens in the space around it. This special quality of water is aplied in the drinking glasses.


I wish you a very beautiful life full of joy, happiness, and health!


With love, Brigitte.