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The power of water.


Japan's Masaru Emoto works with ice crystals. Water is frozen after being

exposed to an influence and then pictures are taken from the ice crystals.

It appeared that different influences lead to different ice crystals.

Emoto learned that that water can be influenced by both negative and positive

influences. Emoto has exposed water to the written words "love" and "gratitude"

and the result were very symmetrical ice crystals. The written words "idiot" and

"Satan" in contrast, did not produce any ice crystals.


In turn, we are influenced by water, because we exist out of water for 70% .

Do you hear what I say? You ARE water for 70%! Everything you think, say and hear is memorised by the water inside you. Including negative thoughts. I want to help you to turn your negative thoughts into positive thoughts so your body produces "symmetrical ice crystals". By drinking the water that is exposed to the image and the positive affirmations on the glass every day you actually reprogram yourself. The old program can leave the body and is replaced by this beautiful, new thought. The positive effect will even be stronger if you read the affirmation on the glass out loud.


Why does water absorb everything around it? The reason is that the entire universe

exists out of vibration. We humans also consist of vibration, everything has its own

unique evel of vibration. If written words are held close to water, the water

transforms these words into vibration. The same goes for music, thoughts, colours

and shapes.

More about the Japanese Masaru Emoto can be found on the DVD "What the

bleeb do we know" or in the various books he has published.

Or take a look at his website: