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The power of water.


On the home page, I indicated that water has a memory. This is currently used

by several methods, such as in homeopathy. A substance is dissolved in water

and that water is so highly diluted that ultimately nothing of the original substance

can be found. Yet, it appears that the effect of homeopathy is very powerful.


Also some churches use the memory of water, through the use of holy water.

This water is always blessed by the priest before use. The power of thought is essential and will be different for each person. Nobody actually thinks about how it works exactly and why the priest does it this way. Holy water should not simply be washed in the sink after use. It can be used as drinking water or given to the plants instead.


We can ofcourse "bless" our own water that we drink. This is done by reading the affirmation on the glass out loud. This will positively affect our body because the water is assimilated by your cells, organs and your blood throughout your whole body. The water in your body stores the vibrations from the water in the glass.

Shown below are pictures of ice crystals after Masaru Emoto exposed water to respectively "you are cute" and "idiot".



schattig schattig
idioot idioot
pijllinks pijllinks
you are cute
pijlrechts pijlrechts