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The power of colours.


On the page "the power of water" I explained that everything consists of

vibration. Each colour also has its own vibration / energy. As the image on each glass contains different colours, the vibrations of these colours are also absorbed by the water.


Colours have their own meaning. But first I want to tell you that the colours blue, magenta and violet are associated with the dark, the darkness. Yellow, orange and red belong to the light, as in sunrise or sunset. If you put these colours in a row, violet, magenta, blue, yellow, orange, red, you will see that blue and yellow meet in the middle, thus creating the colour green. All these colours are the colours of the rainbow and these colours of the rainbow are exactly the colours of our 7 (main) chakras.


For a detailed explanation of the colours I suggest the following book: " Colour: Seeing, Experiencing, Understanding" by Ueli Seiler-Hugova. ISBN 978-1906999230


I just told that each colour has its own significance. You probably have noticed this in real life yourself. Maybe you have painted the walls in your house red, which provides energy and love. Someone else may have chosen the colour purple, the colour of spirituality and questions fo life. Everyone chooses the colour that best suits him or her. The same goes for the choice of clothes to wear on a certain day. One day you want to dress in black (because you feel sad?) and another day you dress in green (because you have a need for love and security?).





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