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The power of the sacred Geometry.


The earth and everything on it was created and is built according the sacred

geometry. This is including humans, we are Sacred Geometry! Sacred Geometry are invisible lines in and around us. They connect (among others) the chakras. All these lines can be mathematically calculated. They all fit in a circle, the circle holds the energy that is expressed by the shape of the lines.

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Our existance originates from a circle. Other circles arose from that circle until finally the life flower appeared.


This life flower can be extended endlessly. In the extended flower life, all kind of lines can be connected to each other. This was discovered by Drunvalo Melchizedek.




The extended life flower flower brings the following figures:

* the tetrahedron or pyramid (4 faces)

* the hexaëder or cube (6 faces)

* the octahedron (8 faces)

* the dodecahedron (12 faces)

* the icosahedron (20 faces)


These shapes are printed on the drinking glass because it is the origin of how we are constructed. These lines are very important to us. Each shape corresponds to a particular element and also to a particular chakra





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