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The power of the sacred geometry.


One of the most important shapes is the forms is the The Fibonacci Spiral

(the Golden Section). It appears that the universe is constructed based on this

shape. The Fibonacci Spiral consists of a mathematical calculation (see pictures).

The Fibonacci sequence is commonly found in nature (see the snale image),

sunflowers, trees, flower petals, etc. It is also present in the ratio of our bones.


If you draw the lines of the Fibonacci sequence the result is one line split into two unequal parts. The straight line is the male line, you can also draw the line bent, this is the female line. If you draw the line both clockwise and counterclockwise and proceed according the Fibonacci sequence, you get a heart shape in the middle, where the lines cross! For me the sign of love and unity. Unity with everything and everyone! In my opinion that it is what life is about.










More information about the Fibonacci Spiral and the Golden Section: take a closer

look at these great sites! (in Dutch, but Google is your friend).


The sacred geometry is strongly resonated by our subconscious because

there is recognition. Sacred Geometry is pure.





















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