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Our physical body contains seven energy centers, the chakras. These are

connected with our aura that also contains seven energy bodies that correspond

with the colours of the chakras: the seven colours of the rainbow. Every print

on the glass has a colour of one of the chakras. The chakras are a kind of tubes

that go through our body from front to back. There are seven subtle bodies, or

layers, around the physical body. (There are more chakras but I use the seven main



The prints on my drinking glass influence your chakra system through the water.

Your body is in fact reprogrammed. For example: you have a low low self-esteem. This is stored inside your body. Next, for a month long, you drink from the glass with the yellow image. Your body takes over the vibration of the image that says "I am valuable and I

make my own choices". After a while your body" has recorded and stored this new information that you are valuable and that you make your own choices.


Each chakra is connected to a physical function in the body but also with the

corresponding emotion.  In case of a trauma the first thing that happens is that the aura

is weakened. If the trauma is not resolved the chakra that corresponds with the aura

will be blocked. This situation will lead to physical complaints. By positive affirmations

it is possible to support and strengthen the chakras and the aura. This way you can

reduce disfunctioning Chakras and aura layer by layer. Of course you can also drink

from a glass to prevent physical problems. But never drink from several glasses at

the same time. Use the same glass per month / day because your body and mind

need time to get used to the change.


On the next page I will briefly explain each chakra.