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The fourth chakra, heart chakra (green glass):

personally I think this is an important chakra, which is the reason both boxes

contain one. My vision is that all people are working towards love. Love for

ourselves and love for others. In other words: we are all one. This is the middle

chakra that connects the upper and lower chakras. There is a blockade if you only

love people who think the same way as you do. If you are full of judgment and

criticism towards people that are and think different. If you find it hard to make

contact with other people, if you feel lonely, if you are insensitive.


The fifth chakra, throat chakra (blue glass):

This chakra has to do with whether you can express yourself in a clear way. Dare to give your opinions and express emotions and thoughts. There is a blockade if you' timid. If you cannot express yourself and have no opinion of your own. If you stutter or have a different speaking disorder.


The sixth chakra, brow chakra (magenta glass):

This chakra gives the ability to be intuitive. It regulates your emotional reactions. It allows you to feel, dream, think creative and

have visions and broad understanding. There is one prerequisite: chakra 5 and 2 must be fully open. There is a blockade if you have a narrow, judging vision. if you only think analytical. If you have trouble concentration and learning. If you have feelings of

mental confusion and futility.