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The first chakra, root chakra (red glass):

This chakra is primarily important for the first seven years of our lives.

Circomstances that can lead to a blockade of the first chakra are not feeling safe

and secure, mistreatment, loss of a dear one. Less 'heavy' occasions can also lead to

a blockade.

There may be a blockade if you are extremely impatient, if you see yourself as a 'victim',

if you feel dependent on others, if you have fears and lack of confidence.


The second chakra, sacral chakra (orange glass):

This chakra relates to our sexual well-being. But also with the ability to enjoy life.

The ability to laugh and have pleasure. The ability to receive. The ability to express passion and emotions. It is also connected with our creativity. This chakra provides the energy for the rest of the body.

There may be a blockage if you have a very high or very low sexdrive. If you think that you're not worth anything. If you cannot enjoy small things. If you are mostly depressed or show addictive behavior.


The third chakra, solar plexus chakra (yellow glass): This chakra has to do with believing in yourself. Have the courage to make your own choices. The processing of emotions takes place here.

There may be a blockade if you have frequent moments of rage or if you often look

for confirmation from an other person or suffer from anxiety, insomnia, insecurity, lack

of self- appreciation or eating disorders.