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The power of affirmations.


Affirmations are positive sentences that have a positive influence on (for

example) your self-image. They will raise your vibration level. The love in the

affirmation is transfered to your body by reading or pronouncing it, or by

drinking the water from the glass on which the affirmation is written.

By drinking the water it circulates throughout your body which makes it even more



Louise Hay has proven that affirmations help your body to heal. She is also convinced that every disease can be overcome by reversing thought patterns. She has experienced this herself but she also saw many clients in her own practice that experienced this. She has overcome (with help from others) her vaginal cancer even though her doctors only gave her three more months to live. For many illnesses, she wrote an accompanying affirmation. These affirmations often show very similar. The 7 affirmations on the glass are related to the seven chakras, that are connected with all parts of your body. For more information: see


The Ondévit method also works with the power of words. The inventor of Ondevit has discovered that the body responds to written words. This is measured with a muscle test, using special word cards that are reinforced by a magnet. The inventor has also discovered that water has a memory and applies this through dropper bottles. The tested words, followed by taking the drops from the dropper bottles gives excellent

results. For more information on Ondévit I'll refer to my other website: